How much is a liquor license in Indiana?

How much is a liquor license in indiana 2021?

How Much Is A Liquor License In Indiana 2021? The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission is the state’s liquor licensing authority. You can either submit your completed applications or send them to the commission by mail or online. Licenses cost $1,000 and take about 90 days to process.

How much does a 3 way liquor license cost in Indiana?

, License and Permit Fees

Permits AnnualFee
Beeror wine, only 500
Beerand wine 750
Beer, wine and liquor 1,000
Three-way permit for state park 250

How do you get a liquor license in Indiana?

Indiana state law requires completion of a certified server training program for persons holding an Employee Permit to dispense alcoholic beverages. The certification must be obtained no later than 120 days from the date of hire at an alcohol establishment.

How much is a local liquor license?

To obtain a liquor license you will typically have to pay a fee for the license and a processing fee for your application. The cost of a license ranges from $300 to $14,000 based on your state. You may also have to pay an additional license fee based on your municipality.

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What is a 3 way liquor license Indiana?

Common permits include a two-way permit that allows for beer and wine and a three-way permit that allows for beer, wine and liquor.

Can you get a liquor license with a felony in Indiana?

A person with a felony conviction must meet the requirements under Section 311.060 in order to qualify for a liquor license. This section requires a person to be of good moral character, a qualified legal voter and a taxpaying citizen.

How much is a liquor license in indiana 2020?

In this article, we show you how to get a liquor license in five steps.

Fees for New Liquor Licenses, by State.

State or City Fees Total Cost*
Indiana $1,000 license fee $1,000
Ohio $2,344 license fee $100 processing fee $2,444

Can you get a liquor license with a DUI in Indiana?

If you violate a condition or neglect an obligation, it can affect your license status. This includes being charged with a DUI / OVWI. The Commission has absolute discretion to approve, deny, renew, suspend, or revoke any alcohol permit or license.

Can you make alcohol at home in Indiana?

The Law states that Indiana Code (IC) 7.1-5-6-1 provides that “It is a Class C misdemeanor for a person to knowingly own, have in his possession or under his control, or use a still or distilling apparatus for the manufacture of liquor, except as otherwise provided in this title”.

How long does a liquor license last in Indiana?

How long does an Indiana alcohol employee permit last? You’ll hold any restricted license (for 19- or 20-year-old’s) for two years or less since Indiana requires you to upgrade when you turn 21. An unrestricted employee permit is valid for three years.

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What license do I need to serve alcohol in Indiana?

As mentioned, you cannot operate in the state of Indiana as a bartender without a license. A prior alcohol server training is one of the biggest requirements for bartending license. You can either take admission in one of the ATC approved training schools or get it online from a certified vendor.

Can a felon get a bartending license in Indiana?

There are no laws prohibiting you as a felon from becoming a bartender, except in Indiana and Washington. You may be able to attend a bartending school in a different state by waiting at least five years after you complete your sentence.

What is Type 48 liquor license?

Type 48 – On-sale General – Public Premises

This is a license that allows the sale of beer, wine, and distilled alcoholic spirits in a bar, night club, or similar venue for consumption on or off the property.

What is a Type 41 license?

A type 41 liquor license is described by the California Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) as an on-sale beer and wine eating place liquor license. A California type 41 liquor license is solely issued to businesses considered to be bona fide eating places.

How do you obtain a liquor license?


  1. To acquire the zoning certificate and Local Authority Approval letter from Municipality.
  2. To acquire the Tax Clearance Certificate and Police Clearance Certificate of applicant.
  3. Secure a letter of consent from the landlord or lease agreement / title deed of premises.