What brand of vodka is best for Jello shots?

Is Titos vodka good for jello shots?

Plain vodka is the most popular type of vodka by far. It’s essentially made up of just ethanol and water, so the taste is fairly neutral and blends in easily with most mixers. This makes it great for jello shots. Examples include Tito’s, Absolut, and really any other vodka that isn’t flavored or infused.

What kind of alcohol is good for jello shots?

Vodka and white rum are both great options for your alcohol, although other spirits, like gin, whiskey, tequila and brandy are all fair game. Vodka is the most neutral, so it will allow the Jell-O to shine, while other spirits will infuse more of their own essence into the final product.

Can I use cheap vodka in jello shots?

You don’t need to use something super expensive but you should also avoid the cheapest of the cheap. You don’t want too much vodka coming through, jello shots are supposed to be smooth and tasty. The best vodka for jello shots is a neutral, middle-shelf bottle of smooth vodka.

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Is Svedka vodka good for jello shots?

With the variety of flavors of Svedka Vodka, you’re sure to find one that matches your jello completely. It’s great to serve strawberry jello with Svedka’s Strawberry Lemonade flavor. A fruity vodka can be made with citron, raspberry, and strawberry lemonade.

How many jello packets do I need for 100 jello shots?

How much booze should I buy? 1 fifth of vodka, 1 fifth of liqueur, and 6 boxes of jello yield 90-100 shots.

How many jello shots are in a 6oz box?

1 small box of jello yields about 15 jello shots. 2 boxes (or 1 large 6 oz. box) yields 30 shots, which will fit nicely on a cooking sheet to transport them easily to the refrigerator.

What is the best vodka brand?

We’ve chosen Absolut as the overall best vodka brand, Grey Goose as the best premium vodka, and Svedka as the best value vodka.

The 15 best Vodka brands of 2022.

Rank Brand Category
1 Absolut Best overall
2 Grey Goose Best top shelf
3 Svedka Best value
4 Beluga Best high-end

Can you use any alcohol in jello shots?

Although jello shots can be made with any type of alcohol, vodka is the most common. You can use any brand or flavor that you’d like. To make a basic jello shot with vodka, just follow the how-to above and use vodka for the cup of chilled alcohol.

Is rum or vodka better for jello shots?

If you’re making them for potency and less for taste, this probably is the best option. Try using flavored vodka to make it more palatable. Rum – This is my favorite alcohol to use, it tastes great with pretty much every jello flavor, it’s smooth, and flavored rums can really add a lot to a shot!

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How much liquor is in a jello shot?

In general, a basic batch of Jello Shots is made with one cup of juice or water, one packet of gelatin, a half cup of cold water and half a cup of alcohol. With these proportions, you’ll end up with a Jello Shot that’s around 10-percent ABV.

How long do jello shots take to kick in?

How long does it take for gelatin shots to set? These shots take about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours to firm up, depending on the size of the shots. If you take the shots out of your refrigerator and they are still liquid, place them back in the refrigerator.

Can you freeze jello shots?

Yes, you can freeze jello shots. However, freezing jello shots isn’t as straightforward as freezing water or juice. Jello shots have a gelatinous form that makes them freeze in a unique manner. When frozen, the original texture of jello shots is altered and the flavor is also diluted.

What is Smirnoff?

Smirnoff products include vodka, flavoured vodka, and malt beverages. In 2014, Smirnoff was the best selling vodka around the world. The vodka is unaged made using a traditional filtration method developed by P. A.


Type Vodka
Manufacturer Diageo
Country of origin Russia
Introduced ca. 1860s
Alcohol by volume 35% – 50%

How do you make Jello shots easier?

You could use a jello mold or you could use shot glasses, plastic shot glasses, or even just a baking dish. The Jello is obviously needed but you can also get toothpicks if you choose to go the baking dish route. A pearing knife could help you cut the jello out into squares as well.

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What flavors do jello come in?

Here are all the flavors of jello: Apricot, Berry Blue, Black Cherry, Blackberry, Blackberry Fusion, Cherry, Cherry Lemonade, Concord Grape, Cotton Candy, Fruit Punch, Grape, Green Apple, Lemon, Lemon-Lime, Lime, Mango, Margarita, Melon Fusion, Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, …