Best answer: What kind of wine does Aldi carry?

What wine is sold at Aldi?

The award-winning ALDI wines and producers include: Bordeaux Les Maurins Sauvignon Blanc 2020, $6.99 – Double Gold. South Point Estate Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV, $4.99 – Double Gold. Villa Elsa Pinot Grigio 2020, $6.99 – Double Gold.

What kind of wine is winking owl?

The brand makes 10 varieties of wines that range from a sweet moscato to a full-bodied cabernet sauvignon. Winking Owl wine is available in five varieties of red, including a medium-bodied red blend which comes in a 3-liter box — perfect for a girl’s night in.

Is winking owl Moscato sweet?

A Sweet White Wine Sold at Aldi for Only $3 a Bottle

Keep reading to find out about my favorite brand, Winking Owl Moscato.

Is Moscato a wine?

Moscato is a sweet, fizzy white or Rosé wine with a low alcohol content that pairs exquisitely with desserts and appetizers. Moscatos are made from the Muscat grape—a table grape also used for raisins—and typically feature flavors of sweet peach, orange blossom and nectarine.

Can you order Aldi wine?

“Instacart is proud to expand its partnership with ALDI and reach across more ALDI aisles so customers can order wine and beer, in addition to groceries and household essentials, for delivery to their door,” said Chris Rogers, Vice President of Retail at Instacart.

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How much does Aldi wine cost?

According to an Aldi representative, a whopping 90 percent of the store’s wine aisle is priced under $10. At the very bottom, bottles can cost just $3 while peak price points hover between $15 and $20. This is because most consumers look for bottles under $20.

Why is Aldi alcohol so cheap?

The lower price for Aldi’s alcohol products was one of several reasons given by the Director of Liquor Licensing to reject the German supermarket giant’s application to sell liquor at its Harrisdale store.

What is the sweetest wine that Aldi sells?

The sweet Moscato tastes like a blend of strawberries, melon, and other tropical fruits. It originates from South Africa and has a 7 percent ABV — much lower than other wines on the market.

What does winking owl Moscato taste like?

Discover our affordable ALDI Fan Favorite, Winking Owl Wine in Moscato. It’s the perfect, light and airy white wine with flavors of ripe citrus, apricot, and peach. Made in California, Winking Owl Moscato pairs well with spicy cuisines, light cheeses, and almost any of your favorite desserts.

How much is a bottle of winking owl?

All about Winking Owl

At just $3 to $5 per bottle, you may be surprised by the consistent quality and taste. The label has even won several awards from the Beverage Testing Institute.

Why is Moscato so cheap?

Muscat vines are relatively easy to grow in a variety of places, and can have high yields. Moscato winemaking is also a relatively affordable process—it doesn’t typically require a fancy zip code, expensive barrels, marquee winemakers, or aging and storage costs.

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What is the difference between Chardonnay and Moscato?

Both Chardonnay and Moscato wines can be quite sweet, but on average, Moscato is sweeter. Chardonnay tends to be on the drier side, whereas the popularity of today’s Moscato has encouraged wineries to produce sweeter and sweeter wines.

Is Moscato considered cheap wine?

But despite moscato’s popularity, the strange thing about hip-hop’s fascination with the beverage is that the wine is not at all high-end: It’s a relatively cheap white wine made from the muscat grape. Some of the very best bottles can cost less than $50. And moscato is really sweet and has low alcohol content.