Quick Answer: Which of the following is most viscous liquid ethyl alcohol?

Which of following is the most viscous liquid?

Honey is more viscous than water.

Which is the most viscous alcohol?

Glycerol is more viscous than ethane because of the expensive hydrogen bonding in glycerol. Alcohol also exhibit hydrogen bonding but glycerol contains three on per molecule and alcohol has only are OH group that can exhibit H−bonding.

Which of the following is the most viscous?

Coaltar is the most viscous medium. Was this answer helpful?

Which liquid is the least viscous?

The least viscous at any temperature must be superfluid liquid helium.

Which is more viscous water or alcohol?

We found in an experiment using Ostwalds method that ethanol is more viscous than water, which is already surprising as water has stronger intermolecular bonds than ethanol as @MaxW pointed out. The mixture of both substances furthermore is significantly more viscous than both individual substances.

What is viscosity of ethanol?

0.316. 2.12. Alcohol, ethyl (ethanol)

Why glycerol is highly viscous than ethyl alcohol?

Because of larger number of intermolecular hydrogen bonding (three per molecule) in case of glycerol (CH2OH-CHOH0CH2OH) as compared to ethanol (CH3CH2OH), the attraction between molecules of glycerol is more than that between molecules of ethanol. Due to this glycerol is more viscous than ethanol.

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What are viscous liquids?

Fluids that have higher viscosity are known as viscous fluid. Examples of viscous fluids are honey and ketchup. The fluid that has more flow resistance is referred to as viscous fluid. Viscosity is a fluid factor, which is the degree of the amount of resistance between the fluid layers.

Which liquid is the most viscous least viscous?

Out of all the liquids I tested (honey, water, milk, cooking oil, glycerin, hand sanitizer, and syrup), honey is the most viscous and milk is the least.

What is highly viscous?

A fluid that is highly viscous has a high resistance (like having more friction) and flows slower than a low-viscosity fluid. To think of viscosity in everyday terms, the easier a fluid moves, the lower the viscosity.

What liquids have a high viscosity?

Liquids which flow very slowly, like glycerin or honey, have high viscosities. Those like ether or gasoline which flow very readily have low viscosities. Viscosity is governed by the strength of intermolecular forces and especially by the shapes of the molecules of a liquid.