What do you do when an employee is drunk at work?

How do you deal with drunk people at work?

Remain calm and nonjudgmental. Don’t make accusations, but mention the employee’s unusual behavior. If you suspect the employee is currently under the influence, now is not the time to address any associated performance issues. Instead, emphasize your concern for the employee’s well-being.

What to do if a coworker shows up drunk?

If an employee comes to work intoxicated but is not exhibiting violence, have security usher him to a safe place at your business. Contact the human resources department and report the intoxication. Call someone in the employee’s family or local law enforcement to have the employee taken home.

Can you dismiss an employee for being drunk at work?

The employer has to handle addicts like sick and disabled people, and treatment should be part of the employer’s strategy. However, being drunk at work constitutes misconduct and an employee can be dismissed. However, a company alcohol policy must be in place and communicated to all employees.

How do you prove someone is drinking at work?

The only way to know for certain whether an employee is drunk at work is to have the worker take a blood alcohol test.

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Is it illegal to be under the influence of alcohol at work?

They should also know the implications of not tackling abuse. It is illegal if: an employee under the influence of excess alcohol is knowingly allowed to work (Health and Safety at Work Act); controlled substances are produced, supplied or used on an employer’s premises (The Misuse of Drugs Act);

Is turning up for work drunk gross misconduct?

turning up to work drunk or drinking alcohol at work is unacceptable and may be considered an example of gross misconduct.

What article is drunk on duty?

Drunk on Duty. — Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines suspected of being drunk on duty may be subject to UCMJ Article 112 Drunkenness and other incapacitation offenses. Any person subject to this chapter, UCMJ Article 112, who is drunk on duty shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.

How do you write a warning letter for a drunk employee?

This letter is to bring to your attention that you have been noticed drinking alcohol during working hours in the office on __________ (Date). I must warn you that this is completely unacceptable in this office. Moreover, we did not expect it from you as you have been a good employee of this company.