Does Costco have Kim Crawford wine?

What Sauvignon Blanc is similar to Kim Crawford?

They love Sauvignon Blanc and Kim Crawford was always their go-to brand. Then one of them decided to check out White Haven Sauvignon Blanc. The price was comparable to Kim Crawford and the wine was also produced in Marlborough, New Zealand.

Is Kim Crawford a good Sauvignon Blanc?

BACKGROUND: Kim Crawford produces one of Marlborough’s benchmark Sauvignon Blancs and has been named in the “Wine Spectator Top 100” four times. A perennial favorite enjoyed by the glass in restaurants, it has also been named in the “2019 Wine & Spirits Restaurant Top 10” Sauvignon Blanc category.

Why is Kim Crawford wine so popular?

Established in 1996, Kim Crawford Wines sparked American interest in New Zealand labels with its fun-focused messaging, easy-drinking bottles, and accessibility in price, profile, and availability online and in stores.

How much sugar is in Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc?

The balance of the fruit is from Awatere Valley, whose Sauvignon Blanc is more grassy. Lots were vinified separately, and the finished wine has high total acidity (7.4 g/L), off-set by modest residual sugar (5 g/L). The color is pale and clear.

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Is Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand?

Sauvignon Blanc was commercially produced on our shores for the first time in the 1970s and is now New Zealand’s most widely planted variety. There is increasing diversity of styles achieved through the use of wild ferments, degrees of lees contact, as well as fermentation and/or ageing in oak, both old and new.

Where is Kim Crawford from?

Kim Crawford is one of New Zealand’s most internationally recognized wine producers. Based in Marlborough, the company makes a large range of wines sourced from multiple regions around New Zealand.

Is Kim Crawford sweet or dry?

An exuberant wine brimming with juicy acidity and fruity sweetness, providing a balanced flavor profile.

Is Kim Crawford wine sweet or dry?

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc alcohol content 12.5% by volume, per the bottle. We expected the taste to be sweet, given the aroma. However, the flavor was not as sweet as the aroma would suggest. We noted “citrus on the forefront” and all agreed that sweet lemon was the predominant flavor.

Who owns Kim Crawford wine?

The name Kim Crawford is a familiar one for many wine drinkers. The brand, named after its founder, was launched in 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand, and quickly made a reputation for itself — especially for its sauvignon blanc. Today, Kim Crawford — the wine — is owned by Constellation Brands.

Is Kim Crawford related to Cindy Crawford?

Kim Crawford is of no known relation to Cindy Crawford. Cindy Crawford has two children, a son, Presley Walker Gerber, and a daughter, Kaia Jordan Gerber.

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How many calories are in a bottle of Kim Crawford wine?

serving of average analysis: Calories 70, Carbs 2.8 grams, Protein 0.13 grams, Fat 0.1 grams.

How many calories in a bottle of Kim Crawford Rose?

Compared to Kim Crawford’s original rose with 130 calories per serving and 13% ABV, this easy-drinking, lower alcohol wine has only 70 calories per serving and 7.0% ABV, yet this bottle of rose wine still boasts Kim Crawford’s signature quality and style. For optimal enjoyment of this bottle of wine, serve chilled.

What percent alcohol is Kim Crawford?

Product Detail

Item # 104933
Vintage 2017
Color White
ABV 14.0%
Varietal(s) Sauvignon Blanc